Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

Greetings from Orlando

Meghan,miss_sophia , and I landed in Orlando safe and sound. We hit a lot of turbulence on the way, not to mention that Meghan melted down a few times. She over 2 years old and needs to have her own seat. Unfortunately, she flatly decided not to wear the seat belt. That was not a good experience.

Orlando is so flat compared with where I live. It also has lots of palm trees and banana trees. That completely brought me home to the days I lived in Brazil. Now, the awful humidity that I am experiencing here is something else.

We have nice room with a great view of the pool. Tomorrow the convention begins.


We are about to land.

The vegetation

The view from our room

Another view from our window.

Our margarita pizza.

Meghan loves her ice cream.

A hotel smack in the middle of the airport.


Tags: meghan, orlando, personal, pic spam
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