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22 September 2010 @ 03:16 am
From Twitter 09-21-2010  

  • 00:48:03: @greyrider Ouch.
  • 00:51:33: Can anybody who watched Hawaii-50 tell whether it was a good show? No spoilers, as I will watch it over the weekend.
  • 10:07:08: Since there are no real stars in #DWTS, let's rename the show to Dancing with the D List Members.
  • 18:28:52: Watching Joy Behar' in The View. Love her sense of humor!
  • 19:09:38: What's the use of having 4sq if I forget to play it most of the time?
  • 21:19:56: New blog posting, ‘Denturized’ Dog Wins Big - http://tinyurl.com/2akxjvc
  • 21:22:03: RT @jimmyaquino: Thanks to all who called in to ask Michael Emerson a question! Special ep will be up in a few days!
  • 22:09:26: @SueCloutier I agree with you on Raising Hope and Running Wilde.
  • 23:53:08: Watched the beginning of Hawaii-50. I guess by watching LOST, I became familiar with Hawaii terrain. That was not Korea. LOL Show looks good

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