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06 October 2010 @ 03:13 am
From Twitter 10-05-2010  

  • 00:37:34: I hate how Casey of "Quints by Surprise" calls the quints babies.
  • 00:48:36: Time to bed. I'm early to rise.
  • 01:46:46: @bibliotech More love coming @txvoodoo's way: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear old girl (and many healthy ones to come your way).
  • 08:49:32: @Sukirue Hate how Casey calls quint "babies," because that's all she calls them. "Hello, babies." "Time to eat, babies." Not babies anymore.
  • 08:55:09: @joaovsantos Today's a holiday? What do you celebrate?
  • 15:46:24: Watching Terriers. Really liking the show. This will be my iTunes show.
  • 17:53:20: I nver liked you, Tea Party, but now, I really hate you: http://bit.ly/dpkFwT. You favor puppy mills. Shame on all who support you.
  • 18:46:35: @txvoodoo Got the 1 with the built-in light. It's not as effective as it should be. It should've had a longer neck or placed in the middle.
  • 19:15:26: @txvoodoo Yeah, I have a good light too. Bought the case with light, thinking that I would not need to haul a light or have it available.

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