Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 16:45:48: Jack Russel Performs Amazing and Useful Dog Tricks http://bit.ly/9t8cgX
  • 20:03:04: Just watched the movie "Fados." I am fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, it was interesting trying to fully understand Portugal Portuguese.
  • 20:09:36: The problem with "Fados" ist that it is music only. One gets bored watching 91 minutes of singing with no dialogue break.
  • 20:18:57: @greyrider Thank you. I told him. He was excited. #SherlockHolmes.
  • 21:30:34: Watched the 1st episode of Veronica Mars. Thank you @fulltimemom for the great review. The show is ADDICTIVE.
  • 21:49:05: RT @fuckyeahlost: "That's like saying which kind of chocolate cake do U like best?"—Michael Emerson, when asked "R U a Kate or Juliet guy?"
  • 22:25:59: @angelsteph I'm already loving it. I will have to watch it slowly, due to time constraints. I love Netflix 4 giving me access. #VeronicMars
  • 22:26:55: @greyrider Hubby enjoyed show, but deductions went too fast for him. #SherlockHolmes

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