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A Prarie Home Companion Coming to Theatre Near You

If you never attended a live performance, here's the next best thing: watching it in an HD theatre.


Here's what the Prairie Home Companion website has to say:

Many theaters will be airing an encore of the Thursday night cinecast on Monday, October 25, 2010. The zip code theatre finder will help you find your closest theatre. An audio-only recording of the show will be broadcast during Prairie Home's regular weekend time slot.

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early for a special pre-show presentation!

It's a regular Prairie Home show made for the big screen, featuring the boot-stompin', heart-breakin' songs of Old Crow Medicine Show, the sweet sounds of Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins, some smoldering honky-tonk from Joe Ely, soulful duets with singer-songwriter Andra Suchy and the heavenly sounds of the Women's Vocal Ensemble of The St. Olaf Choir. Also with us, The Royal Academy of Radio Actors; Sue Scott, Tim Russell, with both Tom Keith AND Fred Newman. Plus a The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band and The News from Lake Wobegon. Two hours of non-stop fun on the big screen.

And here's what Garrison Keillor has to say:

Responding to the positive reviews of the show earlier this year, Garrison Keillor said:

"I'd be happy to do more of this, now that I know that people like to go to movie theaters and see this. But next time we'll sing some songs with the audience. I like the idea of people standing in multiplexes around the country and singing 'America the Beautiful' and 'My Girl' and 'Ba-ba-ba-ba-barbara Ann.' "



If you are thinking of going to the link I gave as the source. They have more theatre listings.

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