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19 November 2010 @ 02:14 am
From Twitter 11-18-2010  

  • 01:03:59: This week's GLEE was awesome! And Britany is my favorite character.
  • 09:03:59: Oh, the screaming mimi's are on my train. A school is having a field-day trip to DC and are using the commuter train to get there.
  • 09:09:34: @joaovsantos @ilea02 Jealous it will be a while before I'll see the movie. #HarryPotter
  • 09:11:52: Watching THE EVENT on my iPhone.
  • 11:15:06: @txvoodoo Yay. But I can't believe they let you home with s catheter in you.
  • 15:13:09: New Blog Post: Your iPhone Has Capabilities of Saving Your Dog’s Life http://bit.ly/d6jJ3y

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