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07 December 2010 @ 06:04 pm
Shows I watched  

I marathoned the Showtime series Dead Like Me. It was a very well written show, with great character development, and fantastic storylines. I highly recommend this show. There wasn't a moment in the 29 episodes that I felt let down. Then I heard that, as the show ended abruptly, the creators made a movie to tie up the loose ends. Really? The movie, folks, I would not recommend to ANYONE. It was horrible. Mandy Patinkin, the patriarch grim ripper in the series, was not available for the movie. So, they hired Henry Ian Cusick of Desmond of LOST fame to fill in for the leader position. Poor Henry Ian Cusik, I pity him for this part. But I guess, a gig is a gig. It puts food on the table. Aside from not having the patriarch, gone were the post-it notes, which were replaced by Treos, and gone were the meals at the waffle shop—the place where much of the commaradie and bonding occurred. Oh, it was so sad to see them selling themselves to luxury and not following the grim reaper rules. And when the movie was over, the lesson was one dimensional.

But to add insult to injury, the actor who played Dasiy Adair was not available as well. Rather than replacing the character, the actor was replaced. The actor who played Daisy in the movie (Sarah Wynter) couldn’t even come close to the portrayal that Laura Harris has managed to do. I loved Daisy in the series. I hated Daisy in the movie. I was so disturbed with the movie, but I was willing to accept the fact that it was me who couldn’t appreciate it. After doing some research about other people’s opinion on the movie as well, I found out that I was not alone. Not one person gave it a good review.

You are welcome to read the other reviews about this movie:




My advice? Don’t bother watching the movie. Just watch the 29 episodes of this adorable series.