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14 January 2011 @ 02:13 am
From Twitter 01-13-2011  

  • 00:47:16: RT @geoff9cow: RT @Aqua_Buddah: RT @moveon Sign the get well card 4 Rep. Giffords. America needs her strength & courage http://bit.ly/h ...
  • 00:48:59: RT @jsmithready: I thought the memorial service was lovely and uplifting. And such great news that Rep. Giffords has finally opened her ...
  • 11:59:59: Started my day @ work by destroying govt property. Accidentally broke part of conveyor belt used 4 security entrance @ work. Easily fixed.
  • 13:04:28: Basset Hound Rescue Organizations New Post - Swiss Village Uses Drastic Measures to Recoup Unpaid Do.... Read it now at http://bit.ly/e3sxgI
  • 15:08:22: @geoff9cow Never liked John Stossel when he was in #ABC. He belongs in #FOX
  • 15:22:20: Sweet dog looking for a new home. Original owner threw her out in the snowstorm to die. Read more here:
  • 16:50:43: @AlisonL @FullTimeMom NO! Not Florida, Hawaii.
  • 22:03:17: I'm doing what most grandmas love: babysitting.
  • 22:30:13: @AlisonL @fulltimemom. That was amazing. #SnowHawaii

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