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31 January 2011 @ 02:12 am
From Twitter 01-30-2011  

  • 00:35:40: RT @Jennyablue: It's official, I'm not running for President in 2012. xo///LOL
  • 12:19:53: RT @PedanticBohemia: is trying to figure out why the hell Charlie Sheen's one-man suicide mission via booze is news. It boggles the mind ...
  • 12:23:52: @nevrothwen I'm bothered that on my commuter train any type & quantity of alcohol can be consumed. Then people get off & drive home drunk.
  • 13:34:33: Meh! my Tweedek for iPhone keeps crashing. Won't even open.
  • 14:27:04: RT @ClaudiaJunebug: I miss New York... http://yfrog.com/h7j3x0j
  • 16:44:03: @angelcure Aonde vc vai?
  • 19:55:13: @angelcure WhooHoo... My hometown.... Have fun.

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