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25 March 2011 @ 03:11 am
From Twitter 03-24-2011  

  • 07:19:16: @nevrothwen Wo
  • 07:20:41: @nevrothwen Sorry about the earlier response. It was meant to be WOW.
  • 07:45:45: Rats. There's a GROUP of teenagers boarding my commuter train. It's not going to be quiet on the train. And I need my sleep.
  • 08:03:12: I'm getting fed up with 4square.
  • 12:08:11: @greyrider @SparrowApril I'm fed up with 4sq bc it keeps telling me I'm too far from the place I'm checking in earn I'm standing there.
  • 12:26:29: @greyrider Yeah, and by telling me I'm not where I say I am, I don't get points, which defeats the incentive to play the game. #4square.
  • 12:27:13: @Tea_n_Sympathy Thank you. Very tasty. LOL
  • 22:04:45: Blog Post: Basset Hound Puppy Broken Leg Fixed Because Rescue Organization Cares http://t.co/lhMTPIu

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