Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

The King's Speech

Hubby and some friends and I went to see The King's Speech. What a movie! It was not an action movie, it was more like watching a play. It was mesmerizing, good, and I finally got to see my very first Geoffrey Rush movie. All I can truly say is that Geoffrey was robbed of an Oscar. The man was amazingly good. Dare I even say that I think he may be slightly better than Michael Emerson? Nope, not slightly better, by far better. The man was amazing. Colin Firth was excellent as King George VI (what a difficult role, and he portrayed it magnificently), and yes, he did deserve the Oscar he received. Helena Bonham Carter was excellent as Queen Elizabeth (current Queen Elizabeth's mother). At times, I actually thought I was watching the elder queen herself. It was interesting to see how stuttering was viewed in the early 20th century and how the king managed to work around his speech impediment.

Tags: king's speech
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