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Patrick Health Update and Videos

The hospital that treats Patrick has an amazing staff. They continuously keep us updated about Patrick's health, almost as if we were his guardians. In essence we are. So many of us love him, and so many of us contributed to Patrick's cause financially and with treats, clothing, etc. Anyway, here are today's update:

GSVS Pet Hospital
We love Patrick and one of our staff members has asked that he be able to live with them in a forever, loving home.

GSVS Pet Hospital
the latest update on Patrick is that he is tipping the scales at thirty pounds! A ten pound plus gain since he came to GSVS three weeks ago.

GSVS Pet Hospital
One medical note, Dr. Palmer, the criticalist in charge of his medical care ordered skin scrapings of Patrick's ears and around his eyes since he is still missing hair in these areas. Test confirmed her suspicions that he has Demodex mange.

GSVS Pet Hospital
This type of mange which is from mites is NOT CONTAGIOUS TO PEOPLE OR ANIMALS. Since Patrick's system is still weak, he will be treated with a special shampoo instead of more aggressive measures. It is hoped that as his body becomes stronger he will be cured of this condition without more aggressive measures.

GSVS Pet Hospital
Dr. Kathleen Kalaher, GSVS's board certified dermatologist, examined Patrick, administered the testing and interpreted the results, ultimately making the final diagnosis of his condition as well as treatment recommendations.

GSVS Pet Hospital

GSVS veterinarians will continue to monitor Patrick daily for any changes in his condition.

GSVS Pet Hospital
Patrick is a really smart dog and it did not take long for him to know that the people in navy scrubs would bring him food. I am not sure how long it took for him to learn the name Patrick but I do think it was only a few days.

GSVS Pet Hospital
it is funny but some days we have to change Patrick several times a day since he has not learned to lift his leg when he urinates. But Patrick does not mind at all, he takes all the attention in stride. I secretly think he likes people holding him and caressing him gently.

GSVS Pet Hospital

Patrick even amazes us and we see him everyday.

And now, the videos:

Patrick plays tug of war!

Patrick with his favorite tug toy. Patrick enjoyed the beautiful day!!

Patrick loves to give kisses!

Patrick going downstairs!

Patrick is getting stronger every day. He is now able to go down the stairs. He is going out for his afternoon walk.

Patrick going upstairs!

Patrick is now
Here's Patrick going back upstairs after his walk. He's a little tired, but he did it! Yay Patrick!!

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