Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

Cancer, Go Away and Don't Come Back Any Day

Today, April 29, 2011, a friend of mine died. I never met her in person, But she was a friend of mine. The Internet makes long-distance friendships with perfect strangers possible and the fact that we both belonged to a wonderful on-line community, GSPN, a podcasting-based community makes it that much special.

I met Amy when I was listening to LOST podcastings. We both had a love for that show. Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft not only did their own analyses of the the show, but they had audience participation via phone, e-mail, text, and at times while the show was recorded live. Aside from LOST, the Ravenscraft's podcasted about other popular ABC TV shows and they branched out to Twilight books and community interest. Our community grew via Twitter, Facebook, and all the numerous podcasts.

But Amy had a special place in my heart. She, like my daughter, suffered from ulcerative colitis (UC). Amy and I exchanged many stories about the disease and how it affected the recipient and the family member. Sadly, her colitis migrated into colon cancer, a common occurance of the disease. Amy had UC for 21 years; she was only 27. But it was cancer that took her away. Today, it is a sad day.
Tags: amy, cancer, friendship

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