Spicedogs (spicedogs) wrote,

The Black Swan

Hubby and I watched the highly acclaimed movie, the Black Swan last nigth. I think we are the only ones who absolutely disliked the movie. I found it boring and unable to convey mental illness properly. It had some porno scenes that hubby liked, not because they were titilating, but because, according to him, Natalie Portman conveyed orgasm realistically. I loved the music, that's all.

I found the movie confusing and both hubby and I found that we were unable to tell what was real and what was fantasy. I know that they were trying to make us see the world according the the ballerina's mind. But seriously, I found the movie, The Beautiful Mind, accomplishing that much more smoothly. What of waste of my hours of watching.

I find it interesting that the initials for Black Swan is BS.

Tags: black swan, movie
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