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31 July 2012 @ 01:39 pm
A Long-Needed Mom Update  
The last update I made about my Mom was when she was ready to leave the hospital and we were told that she could only leave if we would get her 24-hour sitters. This news really put a great toll on us financially. The only way we were able to get sitters on short notice was to go through an agency, which charged $18.00 an hour (and that was the cheapest agency, many others chaged $20 to $22 dollars per hour). So, since we had no choice, we had to hire someone quick. Mom was not doing well in the hospital and soon enough her insurance would not pay for her stay if she were declared healthy enough to go to rehab. We solved the problem by dividing the cost for the nighttime nurse (8 pm to 8 am) among my children and us (including Mom's savings) and I would take the daytime shift (8 am to 8 pm). 

Well, once in the rehab, Mom's confusion was soon subsiding. The hospital deemed her agitated and violent. We found her cooperative and calm. The nighttime nurses (she had two, one for Thursday night to Friday night and another for the rest of the week) were wonderful. Nobody understood why she was deemed violent. So, on my  shift on Sunday, the staff told me that she didn't need a sitter during the day. They could handle her. And, frankly, I knew that they could. Some of the residents there were more off the wall then my poor Mom, who now had drug-induced dementia. There's a woman who constantly comes over to you and asks you to help her. She is apparently lost. She never knows where she is.And there's another one who is actually very violent. She screams at you, and tries to slap you, etc. One day she came over to my husband and asked him to kiss her. Since he wouldn't she yelled at him for not loving her.

Anyway, back to Mom. So, I was glad to hear that I could go back to work on Monday. And then, I saw why Mom was deemed violent. She was lying down in bed (It was nighttime and we were waiting for the nigh nurse), and she suddenly lifts her covers off of herself and says she needs to go to the bathroom. Now, Mom can't walk, so I quickly got her a nurse to help. But while I was waiting for the nurse, she insisted in trying to get up. Well, she had a similar incident in the hospital. But because they didn't understand Hungarian, and Mom had forgotten her limited supply of English, rather than helping her, they kept putting her back in bed. She became agitated. She didn't want to have a bm in bed. So, the stupid hospital's reluctance to help took around $2,000,00 out our pockets and vacation time out of me.

As the days progressed, Mom's cognitive functions slowly kept returning. She keeps remembering more and more. She goes for therapy, but her muscles have atrophied and being 96, it will taken longer to build them up. I can foresee her staying in rehab for about 3 months. Mom is bothered about how long it's taking her to regain her independence. This is a good sign. She is trying very hard at physical therapy. I feel blessed in being able in having her a bit longer on this Earth. Thank you all for your concerns and well wishes.
~Lirpa~: Once Upon a Time: Rumple: Lovekatje0711 on July 31st, 2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
Just left a comment on FB, too. Such wonderful news!!! {{{HUGS}}}}
venckman: i am all earsvenckman on August 4th, 2012 03:13 am (UTC)
God bless your dear mom -- what a spirit she has. And God bless you to, and your family in this tough time. From where I'm sitting, the love and unity your family is showing to your mom and one another is a powerful thing to witness. I know from firsthand experience what it is like when there is disunity and differing agendas. It's very painful, I find your posts very moving on many different levels.