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And Now, Something Really Different.....

I listen to GSPN podcasts a lot. If you go to their website, you'll notice that they have a religious slant to them. Now, I am not religious. Heck, I'm an atheist. But I've known Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft since November 2005. On October 2005, I bought Season 1 of LOST and got immersed in the show. In my quest in trying to find more about the show, I searched Google and found Cliff's blog. I made a couple of comments on his blog and we started getting to know each other. Around December 2005, Cliff made his first podcast and out of loyalty to our new friendship, I listened to it. Slowly, his delivery style had me sold and I kept encouranging him to pursue podcasting a bit further. And boy did he do it. He is now a successful full-time podcaster and has his own business based on podcasting.

This blog entry, however, is not about Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft. It's about John Barrowman. How do I go from Ravenscrafts to Barrowman? Well, on Episode #223 of Family from the Heart, Cliff mentioned that he started watching Torchwood. As I was undergoing eye surgery and was discouraged from reading, I decided that I would give Torchwood a try. What a great show! I fell in love with the show and with the main character and actor: Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.

Suddelnly, like LOST, I had to devour anything and everythign that I could find on John Barrowman. John was born in Scotland, raised in the United States, and lives in England with his partner Scot. This man is an amazing entertainter and so genuine. Here are a few samples of what John Barrowman is like:

Look, how at ease he is after he rips his trousers:

Look how flustered he gets with this little girl (it's so cute):

What a beautiful woman he can be:

He is Scottish:

And, finally, some JB silliness:

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